The security business has rapidly evolved from a “black-box” business to an IT profession, leaving many veteran security professionals in the dark. At Parker Custom Security, we have a team of CCTV professionals who understand our clients’ business environment and operations from an “overall” perspective, as well as the technical side.

Using the latest in digital technologies, we design and implement cost-effective and creative solutions for all your CCTV requirements. We are the consummate professionals, and can handle any CCTV installation you have in mind or that we select for you.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are one of the fastest evolving industries in today’s security world. Facing worldwide terror threats and increasingly effective means of breaking and entering home and businesses, the traditional Camera, Monitor, VCR setup is no longer sufficient. If you are looking for a state of the art digitally integrated security system, look no further.

At Parker Custom Security, we carry a variety of products within categories such as Recording devices and Monitors, dome, bullet, PTZ and discreet cameras. Let our experts select and install the system that is perfect for the particular needs of your home or office. We install different types of cameras and lenses for a multitude of applications, from seeing who is outside your front door, to viewing shoppers in a store, to monitoring a town center from a remote location.

PTZ Cameras

Panasonic WV-CS574

Esprit System w/ IOP Camera

Day & Night Viewing


510 TVL in Color Mode

Bullet & Standard Cameras

Vivotek IP8361

Toshiba IK-WB81A

Speco 02B5

Hikvision DS-2CD2232-I5

FLIR Compact Camera

Day & Night Viewing

Dome Cameras

Panasonic WV-CW244S


Sony SSC-CD43V

Everfocus EHD150B

Speco CVC-6405DC

Speco CVC-646HR


PTZ Cameras

Speco HTSD37X

Speco HTSD12X

Samsung SCP-3120VH


Everfocus EPTZ3100

Bosch VG5-623-ECS

Bullet & Standard Cameras


Speco CVC637EXW

Honeywell HB75

EverFocus EZ760


Bosch VTC-206F03-4

Dome Cameras

Vitek VTD-AR2812/V Alpha

Samsung SCV 2080R

Speco HT7246iHR

Bosch VDC-260V04-20

Honeywell HD262

Honeywell HD273

EverFocus EZH5243B

Speco HHD015D1G

Speco HHDO60B1G

Samsung HD-SDI 2M

Hikvision DS-2CD752MF

EverFocus EHH5101

Smoke Detectors

In Wall Camera

Motion Sensor

Miniature Pin Hole


Mini Bullet

Elevator Triangle


Fire Alarm

Digital Video Recording Systems

Speco D16DS2TB

Honeywell HRG162

EverFocus ECOR264

Digital Watchdog VF161T

Digital Watchdog VF81T

Bosch DIVAR AN 5000

Network Video Recording Systems

Speco N16NSP

Hikvision DS-7716NI SP

Hikvision DS-7608NI-SE/8

FLIR Digimerge DNR204P1

Dedicated Micros DM/SD32M60/A

Bosch DIVAR IP 7000 1U

EverFocus EN7519HDMIA

Orion 9REDP Premium

Speco VM10LCD

Tatung TME-42

ViewSonic VA1938WA-LED

Tatung TME22W

Altronix Sav18D

Altronix Sav9D

Altronix Sav4D

Minuteman Enspire EN600

Direct UPS Vesta Pro 1000

UPS 1500VA LCD Power Supply