We need to install exterior doors that are fire proof doors.


The doors were metal doors, but the fire inspector informed us that they weren't fire proof doors.

We have new security systems


New York City security systems have installed closed circuit television systems and a card access system as well.

I want a closed circuit television system and intercom systems in NYC.


I want to have closed circuit television system equipment and intercom systems installed in my NYC home.

When we bought the house we wanted to change all of the door locks.


The first thing we did was change the door locks on the home to security door locks. 

There are security cameras by the gate at the Manhattan garage.


The man at the security gate of the Manhattan garage quickly went into the office to view the footage from the Security cameras that were a part of the Security system.

He now wants security cameras.


Then he also wants to replace all the exteri or doors with fire proof doors with security door locks. 

I had no idea that it was a card access system when I was in New York City.


If this is what living in New York City is like, the security cameras, systems and card access system, I really think I will stay in my small town.

Our Manhattan business already has Security cameras.


I would also like to look into different types of security systems.

We are thinking of putting in iron gates


We would like iron gates to border our property. 

A closed circuit television system isn’t needed by all businesses


New York can be a dangerous city.